You people must get ready for the Summer anime lineup! Cant wait for the new “Rozen Maiden 2013” It’s going to kick ass! 

Man I’m super down for the new season if it looks like this. Too bad this is fanart…


… This manga was already pretty silly but I think this is getting a little out of hand.

She asked me “Which is important to you, me or a Benz?” and when I answered, “What class Benz am I comparing you to?” she left crying.

Oh here’s the actual panel I was just talking about.

Hanamori is awesome. He actually manages to fit in because he’s a Mercedes Otaku lol.

At one point in the manga he tells a story about how he got dumped by his girlfriend of three years after she asked him “what’s more important, me or a Mercedes Benz?” and he replied “which class of Benz are we talking about?”